Business Plans and Credit Consultation

Conversation with a client in the PROFI COM office in Niksic

A quality business plan is the key to success. We help you develop it and provide credit counseling to provide the necessary funds on the best terms for the growth and development of your business.

Business Plan

Our team has completed dozens of serious business plans that were supported by IPARD funds, IPA funds, IRF credit funds, and other commercial banks.

Whether you're just starting a business, expanding through new investments, or simply want your business to have a clearly defined strategy and goal, you need a high-quality and objective business plan.

A business plan serves as the foundation for planning and monitoring business operations. It also acts as a starting point in negotiations with banks and credit institutions if you need credit support. Our team provides complete support in preparing the accompanying documentation and applying for loans. We have years of experience in these areas.

Together with you, we assess the overall situation and obligations. We propose options tailored to your financial situation with the aim of resolving all debts in the long term.

Find out why our clients successfully realize their business plans.

Credit Consultation

As needed, we contact financial institutions and, on your behalf, negotiate the solution to your credit request.

Our team also assists you during the application process for all public calls for business support issued by government and international institutions.

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