Company Establishment and Permits

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Establishing a company can be complex, but we make the process easier for you. Our experts will guide you through all the steps, from registration to obtaining the necessary permits, so you can quickly start your entrepreneurial ambitions.

Company Establishment

Establishing a company in the Central Register of Business Entities is the first and most crucial step if you've decided to start your own business.

Instead of you, we will complete the procedure required for establishing a company, regardless of the type of company. You'll need to decide on the company's name, address, share capital, primary activity, owners, and responsible persons, and we'll prepare all the necessary documentation to efficiently carry out the registration process.

Company Registration

In addition to company establishment, we can also perform registration of the company in other registries, including:

  • Registry of taxpayers
  • Value-added tax Registry
  • Customs registry
  • Registry of the Inspectorate for Inspection Affairs (market inspection)
  • Municipal administration responsible for economic affairs

Operating Permits

To start certain types of businesses, such as educational institutions, banks, insurance companies, restaurants, travel agencies, healthcare facilities, and more, you need to obtain specific permits (licenses) to operate.

For you, we prepare all the necessary documentation and provide support throughout the licensing process.

Work Permits for Foreigners

For foreign nationals who want to work or live in Montenegro, we offer services to obtain and extend residence and work permits. The types of permits we can assist you with include:

  • personal permits,
  • work permits,
  • employment permits.

Work permits are issued to foreign nationals for seasonal work, training and development, providing contractual services, and secondment of foreigners to work. Foreign nationals may be seconded to work in Montenegro based on providing cross-border services, additional training and development, and movement within a foreign company operating in Montenegro.

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