Tax Consultation and Representation

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Tax Consultation

Tax advisory can help reduce the tax burden for you and your company, so it's essential to have a good tax advisor. The right choice for you is PROFI COM PORESKI SAVJETNICI D.O.O., in whose advice and action you don't need to doubt.

Tax consultation includes advice on direct and indirect taxes.

Direct taxes include:

  • Personal income tax
  • Corporate income tax
  • Property tax
  • Real estate transfer tax

Indirect taxes include:

  • Value-added tax
  • Excise taxes

PROFI COM provides the following tax consultation services:

  • Consultation and interpretation of tax regulations
  • Information on legal changes in the field of taxation that affect your business
  • Tax determination and optimization
  • Preparation of tax reports and balance sheets for legal entities and individuals
  • Assistance to the client regarding legal remedies (objections, complaints, appeals)
  • Review of tax documents (protocols and decisions)
  • Representation of taxpayers in tax proceedings
  • Monitoring deadlines for payment of due tax obligations
  • Tax planning and avoidance of internal and international double taxation
  • Advice on taxpayer status, resident, non-resident
  • Advice on tax exemptions and benefits

Tax Representation

In addition to representation before tax authorities, tax representation is also a legal requirement for foreign entities that do not have a registered office in Montenegro.

According to the Value Added Tax (VAT) law, a foreign entity that, in accordance with regulations, is not required to establish a business unit but conducts business in Montenegro, is registered in the VAT register and may appoint a tax representative who fulfills obligations on their behalf as prescribed by the Law.

A tax representative, on behalf of a foreign entity, fulfills obligations related to VAT (prepares and submits VAT calculations, maintains a record of issued and received invoices, pays VAT, etc.).

If you need this type of service, PROFI COM PORESKI SAVJETNICI D.O.O. can be your tax representative.

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