Financial Consultation

Two team members from the accounting office are working together in the office

Let's shape the future through collaboration. With financial consultation, we will help your business make the right strategic decisions.

Don't make decisions without analyzing financial data. We will help you gain control over your entire financial picture, move towards greater profitability, set profitable prices, understand cash flow, and make strategic decisions for your business. This service is also intended for companies that have their own accounting department but require financial consultation.

Financial Analysis

  • Business financial analysis
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Valuation

Court Expertise

The expertise services we provide in the economic-financial field are intended for entrepreneurs, legal and natural persons, lawyers, business owners, investors, for use in legal proceedings, out-of-court disputes, settlements, as well as to establish rights, claims, and obligations.

Through the expertise process by an authorized court expert, you can obtain:

  • Interest calculation (legal, contractual, tax, etc.)
  • Determination of the value of claims
  • Analysis of debtor-creditor relationships (interest, debts, claims, etc.)
  • Preparation for court litigation, commercial, labor, or enforcement proceedings
  • Expertise in litigation, commercial, investigative, and out-of-court proceedings.

Consultation for Buying and Selling Companies

Consultation services for buying and selling companies include providing support throughout the entire process. We analyze the business, provide an opinion on the company, its business results, and future prospects. Based on these analyses, we define risks and potentials and evaluate the real value of the company to successfully complete the transaction.

Forensic Accounting

If you want to eliminate doubts about the existence of criminal activities, manipulations, fraud related to employees, customers, and suppliers, false financial reporting, or if you want to prevent fraud or minimize damage in case of fraud, our team will analyze the business and provide an assessment of the reality of the presented financial reports to help you manage fraud risk.

Forensic accounting services include:

  • Identification, assessment, and mitigation of key fraud and misconduct risks
  • Identifying priority areas in business prone to fraud and taking appropriate measures
  • Establishing adequate anti-fraud measures to effectively mitigate fraud risk and
  • Combating misconduct

Internal Audit

If you want an external consultant to assess the overall functioning of your entire business system, provide an opinion, and suggest improvements, then engaging an internal auditor is crucial for you. Through the process of internal auditing of your business, we will examine the organization and functioning of the accounting system and related internal controls, the credibility of financial and operational information, assess the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of business operations and controls, the application of policies, plans, and procedures. Based on the internal audit report, you can examine and evaluate your operations, influence development, and increase the overall success of your organization.

Preparation of Documentation for Obtaining Bank Loans

Our team of experts will help you prepare the documentation required by banks and other institutions more easily. We will prepare balance sheet and income statement projections for you, fill in additional tables, requests, and applications that form the basis for processing a loan application.

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